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I hope I don’t wake up to find it was all a dream.” Miss Roberts, of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, discovered she had been duped after she made a £12,000 payment for an air fare – and all contact ceased.

Leicestershire Police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency is investigating.

The US Embassy is trying to identify the soldier in the pictures.

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Last night divorcee Miss Roberts said: “Aside from the money, I’ve lost the love of my life.

I know he wasn’t real, but the feelings were real to me.

“I was taken in by this very clever gang and I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did.

“I had to sell my house to pay my debts, my credit score is through the roof so I cannot have any credit, mortgage or overdraft.

“Hundreds of other women must be being conned.” Miss Roberts was persuaded to send money to a bank account and via Western Union after “Sgt Smith” said he wanted to buy himself out of the army so they could live together.

She paid £225 for a phoneline for him, and was called by a man with an American accent every day.An email from “Sgt Smith” read: “I can’t help being madly in love with you.Kate Roberts, 47, was swindled out of £80,000 after fraudsters posted a bogus profile on a dating website.Miss Roberts contacted US army sergeant Mark Ray Smith, a handsome 43-year-old widower with an 11-year-old daughter, after seeing the profile on the dating area of Friends Reunited.She was convinced that Sgt Smith, whose profile contained half-naked pictures of a soldier, was in Iraq.But months later, she visited a Cambridgeshire base where he claimed to be previously stationed – and no one had heard of him.


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