As far as I know there were no documented attempts of sabotage ( i.e.


The black women I know are vehement is their anger at black men who dare to marry outside their race.

The New York Times constantly prints articles about this, and seems to believe that black women have a legitimate complaint. Tomei, if you want to call this racist behavior when a white engages in it, I suggest that you also call it racist behavior when a black engages in it.

Black women are never reprimanded as "racists" in there articles for declaring that black men have a responsibility to marry black women. One thing I can say further about American intelligence methods just before the 2nd World War was that they were not probably as sophisticated as they are now today.

It was thru trial and error that American inteeligence is more probably more astute in dealing with foreign intelligence networks, a process learned thru its long confrontation with the KGB.

The subsequent testimony of Mc Cloy claiming that the order was based on assesments of MAGIC intercepts are just that . He probably was trying to justify his actions regarding Japanese - American internment during that period.

WE now are more proficient in collecting HUMINT AND SIGINT info compared to the tools available to the intelligence community during that period.

The way i look at the intelligence data being presented by you Michelle, is that they belong more to the realm of intelligence estimates which may or may not be true rather than cold,hard factual evidence.

We know that although American authorities knew that there were Russian spying activities in this country b4 the Second World WAr, Russian spying continued unabated during the 2nd World War.

Alger Hiss and the Los Alamos network was evidence of this.

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